Web Development with a Screen Reader

Welcome to our web development course and study designed for students that are blind or have low vision.

This course was originally held between 1pm and 4:30pm, weekdays between August 15th and 24th at the Andrew Heiskell Library (40 West 20th St, New York, NY 10011). We moved through these materials in 8 days in pace with student learning. CSS instructional design was supported by the use of downloadable tactile manipulatives made using the software TactileView (please email ckv214(at)nyu(dot)edu for a copy of these materials). Students were asked to complete a survey pre and post, to help us improve the course.


  1. Intro to the web: the net, browsers, web languages, websites, file structure, text editors and other software to be used. HTML syntax, basic elements.
  2. Building a basic site: New elements, attributes, and relative URLs
  3. Building a multipage site: Applied activity
  4. HTML Review and CSS: Intro to styles, adding CSS, syntax, selectors, web colors, font types/sizes, and the box model (Covered over 2 days @ NYPL)
  5. CSS refresher and Intro to JavaScript: Inputs/interactions, syntax, functions, variables, and ARIA (Covered over 2 days @ NYPL)
  6. JavaScript Continued and Uploading a site to a server: FTP, Cyberduck for Macs and FTP with Windows machines.
Content Developers and Teachers: Claire Kearney-Volpe (Rehabilitation Sciences, NYU) and Scott Fitzgerald (Integrated Digital Media Department, NYU)